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Welcome To

Harlow Inspirational

Learning Trust


We aim to create well-rounded, good, one world citizens, achieving their potential in many ways including their individual chosen pathway.

Our HILT schools plan their curriculum based upon what we already know about our children, planning new learning opportunities to expose the children to new experiences supporting the development of high aspirations and open minds.

We strive to maintain a broad and balanced curriculum, using a range of different teaching and learning techniques and experiences to deepen learning and make it memorable.

We recognise that whilst core subjects underpin other learning, many children have strengths, talents and interests in other subjects and areas. We must celebrate and encourage this, whilst ensuring that all educational building blocks are in place.

From the time the children start school we teach and encourage independent learning and enquiry.

HILT classrooms are set up to enable independent learning from a young age.

Links with business are encouraged and visits and visitors to the schools are encouraged in order to make learning ‘real.’

Teachers and staff know the children well, individualising learning as much as possible.

Teachers regularly assess children’s work, carefully identifying next steps in learning to plan for.

Children are offered a variety of extra-curricular activities including sporting and musical.


Mary Evans CEO

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